A great way to ease your cash flow!

James Bowes has been operating as a pawnbroker for over 135 years so you can be confident that you’re in safe and expert hands! The process to convert your jewellery and gold items into a short-term loan is simple and straightforward.

Call into our store with your items to be pawned and our friendly and efficient staff will guide you through the process. Remember to bring some ID.

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The jewellery you bring is used to secure your loan. You will be given a period of up to seven months to redeem your item(s).

When you redeem (pay off the loan) you will have to repay the original loan amount plus an additional monthly interest charge which will depend on the length of time you decided to leave the items in.

If you find at the end of the seven month period you do not want to repay the loan we offer a renewal service which means you can just pay the interest that has accrued and the loan will be extended for a further seven months.

If your pledge agreement runs out we will write to inform you that you need to address this matter at your earliest convenience. If we do not hear from you within a short time scale your items will be prepared for sale.

When your items are sold any proceeds will be used to pay off the loan and total interest accrued.

If your item(s) sell for more than you owe we will notify you by post that you are due a surplus. This will be paid to you on production of your original Pledge Agreement.

All Pawnbroking customers require ID before they can proceed with any transaction.

Only one form of ID with your name and address is required.

Please note that we will take a photograph of you and issue one of our customer ID Cards.

Customers with our ID cards do not need to show further ID for any more transactions in future.

When Redeeming or Renewing your Pledge Agreement is required

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Sending Payment Via Bank Transfer

Part Payment