Valuation and Repairs

On losing a piece of jewellery many people are surprised to learn that their insurance company won’t pay out without a valuation from an “N.A.G (National Association of Goldsmiths) Registered Valuer”.

These valuers are specialists in all areas of gemology and metallurgy which are relevant to jewellers.

As well as offering Insurance replacement valuations, our valuers also offer valuations for probate which helps to take some of the strain from being the executor to an estate.
So whether you want to know the value of an item for insurance, probate or just check if that “Home Shopping Bargain” is really what it seems, we’re sure to have a valuer to meet your needs.

We even have contacts in stone cutting (Lapidary), so finding that obscure stone to match your antique pieces or the jewellery you bought on holiday is not a problem.

Whatever your repair requirements, if it’s not something we can do personally we’re sure to “know a man who can!”

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